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We are thrilled to share that in December 2023, with overwhelming community support, the Calabasas City Council unanimously approved The Commons Lane plan. The plan was shaped by two years of meetings with local residents and neighbors who took the time to provide us with invaluable feedback and ideas.

We are incredibly grateful to the hundreds of Calabasas community members who took the time to share their thoughts and priorities about The Commons in order to shape this plan for the future. This meaningful community engagement will help ensure that The Commons Lane provides an exceptional experience for guests of all ages and meets the needs of Calabasas, today and tomorrow.

We will continue to keep this page updated with relevant information as this process continues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Community remains at the core of our beliefs, and we understand you might have a few questions — we are here to answer them! Read on to learn more, and please reach out to us directly anytime. We are always here to listen, learn, and collaborate.

Why are enhancements being proposed for The Commons?

This is a great question and the answer is simple: We remain committed to this community and the role The Commons plays as its de facto town center. To ensure The Commons continues to thrive for the next 25 years and beyond, we need to plan for the future. We know that the world has changed since we opened our doors to the community 25 years ago. The way we shop, communicate, and consume entertainment has evolved. Our plan—crafted by months of community input—integrates exciting new opportunities to come together, to live, work, shop, eat and enjoy family and friends, creating a broader mix of uses that will strengthen The Commons for the future.

How was this plan for The Commons created?

At Caruso, we always start by listening. In the beginning of 2022, we made a commitment to meet with as many community members as possible. We reached out to the entire city – to Calabasas residents, civic leaders, business owners, and other stakeholders – to draw on the wisdom of the very people who live and work near The Commons. We’ve held workshops, visioning sessions, one-on-one discussions with community leaders, and conversations with guests.

We asked questions like: What makes Calabasas so unique and precious to you? Why do you choose to live or do business here? And what role does The Commons play in your life? We talked about what we were doing well, what we could do better, and the role The Commons could play to better meet the needs of the community in the future, while protecting and preserving everything it holds dear.

With your help, we created a plan that we are confident reflects the needs and priorities of Calabasas residents, in the spirit and character that makes the community so unique.

What does the plan for The Commons include?

Most of The Commons will remain the same. The Commons Lane will enhance a small portion of the west side of the center. The Plan includes new shops and restaurants with ample space for outdoor dining. This new area will include beautiful, meandering paseos designed to improve the pedestrian experience by allowing a leisurely walk, window shopping, and connecting with friends and neighbors. It also includes beautiful new apartment homes.

What is your vision for the new green space?

The new family-friendly green space is designed to be a perfect place for community gatherings, concerts in the park, children’s events, or simply for connecting with a friend or enjoying a good book. It’s inspired by the community, for the community!

Why is housing being proposed for The Commons?

We know that the City needs housing and it identified The Commons as an ideal location. During the course of our outreach, we met residents of all ages who were very excited by the opportunity to live at The Commons: young people interested in returning to Calabasas after college, young families, working professionals, and seniors looking to downsize. We heard that apartment homes should be charming, elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious – reflecting the unique fabric of Calabasas and providing a true alternative to single family homes. Our Plan will do just that!

How many units of housing is Caruso proposing?

Although the City’s General Plan identified The Commons for approximately 200 units, our Plan proposes roughly half of that. In all, we are proposing up to 119 residential units. Most of the beautiful apartment homes will replace the movie theater and some will be located above the shops and restaurants located across the new “main street”.

Does the Plan include affordable housing?

Ten percent of the units will be reserved for community members who meet certain income requirements. These units will provide needed workforce housing for people like entry-level teachers and others working in the school district, and people working in public safety or other important roles here in town. We will work with the City to ensure the community is kept up-to-date on the availability of these units and how to apply to live in one.

What is the architectural style being used?

The Plan encourages a mix of design styles, intended to provide the feeling that The Commons Lane has evolved organically, over time, but in a way that honors the unique character of Calabasas. The earth tone color and materials will complement the existing buildings, while adding interest and diversity that is both charming, sophisticated, and timeless. The Plan includes ample beautiful landscaping and open space too!

Why doesn’t the plan preserve the movie theater?

A movie theater made a lot of sense when The Commons opened in 1998, before the advent of streaming services. However, there is widespread understanding that the way we consume entertainment has changed over the last 25 years, and as we look towards the future, a movie theater at The Commons is no longer a sustainable use. At the right time, we need to be ready to bring in new uses that will strengthen the Commons for the future. That said, the new open space area provides fun opportunities to watch movies in a beautiful outdoor environment.

HOW does THE PLAN consider PARKING?

We heard the community loud and clear, and ample parking is just as important to you as it is to us. Without enough convenient parking, no one wins. That is why, our Plan includes hundreds of new parking spaces and separates residential parking from the surface parking area used by the community when visiting the shops and restaurants. The number of proposed parking spaces far exceeds Code requirements, resulting in a surplus of parking for both residential and commercial uses. And yes, parking for our guests will continue to be free!

does the plan protect THE HILLSIDE BEHIND THE COMMONS?

Yes! One of the things we heard from the community is that it is important to protect and preserve our natural open spaces areas that make Calabasas so special. Therefore, although we own a large portion of the hillside behind The Commons, the Plan does not propose any changes to it. The beautiful hillside will remain intact, in its natural state, for all to enjoy.

Will the Project include green building elements?

Sustainability is paramount to us and we continue to look at new ways to increase building efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. For example, we have retrofitted many of our properties, including The Commons, with electric vehicle charging stations. These have been a wonderful amenity for our community  and helps to reduce greenhouse gasses. As we move through the process, we will be working with the City and green building experts to ensure the project is sustainable.

When will this open? When does construction start?

Following the City Council’s unanimous approval of The Commons Lane in December 2023, we will move into design, which is a detailed and comprehensive process. We will share more information on timing and next steps as soon as we can!

What other properties has Caruso recently developed?

Over the past couple of years, we have opened two award-winning destinations — Palisades Village in Pacific Palisades, and Rosewood Miramar Beach in Montecito.

Opened in September 2018, Palisades Village quickly established itself as a local destination and neighborhood favorite. The property was shaped through hundreds of conversations and meetings with the community, and the revitalization is designed to respect and honor Pacific Palisades’ history. Situated in Southern California’s sunny and stylish Pacific Palisades, this bespoke walkable village is home to over 40 uniquely curated boutiques, entertainment and fresh-food experiences. We would be happy to provide a tour. Please contact us for more information.

Rosewood Miramar, a Forbes Five-Star Hotel & Spa, is part of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts’ distinctive collection of luxurious hotels that provide guests and the community with “a sense of place” and a world-class guest experience. The 158 suite and bungalow Miramar Beach™ resort spans 16-manicured acres and conveys an elegant yet casual atmosphere, offering iconic sophistication and refined modernity.