The Commons Lane

Here’s What Our Neighbors Are Saying

Calabasas Voices

The Commons is already the heart of Calabasas—the place where we all come together. These new shops, restaurants and apartment homes will make it even more meaningful for our community.

– Daniel Rastein

My family is so excited for all the new green space, more restaurant options, and many fun nights of concerts and movies in the park. The Commons has something for everyone. I’m thrilled about this new plan for The Commons and look forward to many more memories made there.

– Amanda Weiss

The Caruso team at The Commons reached out time and again to hear our thoughts and priorities for the future of The Commons. They’ve taken the time to really understand our community, and it’s obvious they took our input to heart.

– Mike Attar

More shops and a wider variety of restaurants will make a huge difference for Calabasas. The Commons Lane will deliver exactly what our community has been asking for.

– Tami Hathaway

Living right next to some of the best shops and restaurants in Calabasas would be incredible. It would be amazing to enjoy shopping, dining and visiting with friends and family just steps away from home.

– Julie Hsieh

Caruso has been an outstanding Calabasas partner and supporter for 25 years. It’s wonderful to see us deepening that important relationship.

– Robert & Amy Klass


Our engagement with the community never ends and we would love to hear from you. If you live, work, or simply enjoy visiting The Commons at Calabasas, we encourage you to share your thoughts.